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Sponsorships and logos may be coming to the national parks; a proposed new philanthropy policy for the National Park Service raises many concerns over polluting the national scenic landmarks.

"THIS COUNTRY’S national parks, monuments and historic sites are, as anyone who has visited them will attest, treasures that must be fiercely protected. Any talk of corporate and other private sponsorships is bound to raise concerns. No one wants to see the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty or El Capitan besmirched with company logos. But such befouling is not, in fact, being proposed. There is no reason the park system shouldn’t adopt fundraising practices that are commonly used in the nonprofit world — particularly because, given inadequate congressional support, the alternative is deterioration of these precious places. 

"The National Park Service stirred controversy with its announcement of a revamp of its philanthropy policy. Private donations have played a role in development and maintenance of the park system throughout its 100-year history, but givers have received little or no recognition. The proposed change, currently under review, would offer temporary naming rights to some park buildings and the addition of company logos to temporary signage, printed materials, exhibits and digital media."--Editorial Board, The Washington Post

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