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At many churches and schools, bingo use to serve as a major source of revenue, but those days are over and do not show signs of returning; Texas has begun revoking bingo licenses.

"More than 600 organizations sponsored bingo games in 2015, but the move by the lottery commission appears to be the first time the state has stripped the licenses of underperforming bingo operators.

"Charity bingo was first created in 1980 by a statewide vote, but it has faced declining popularity amid the rise of other gambling options. The number of licensed operators fell from 937 in 2010 to 623 last year.

"The smaller number of operators still brought in $740 million in receipts in 2014, but the amount actually going to charity continues to decline. Charitable distributions fell in 2014 to just under $26 million."--Associate Press via the Washington Times

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