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The annual tax returns of the Donald J. Trump Charitable Foundation show that the foundation has only given $1K to any 9/11 charity.

"He may be a hero to many of his 2016 presidential supporters, but when it comes to donating, Donald Trump appears to be a big zero.

"The billionaire Republican front-runner's charitable foundation has not made a single substantial donation to any 9/11-related nonprofit groups that have aided survivors, rescue workers and the families of first-responders who gave their lives after the devastating terror attack, The Smoking Gun reported Wednesday, citing Internal Revenue Service records.

"Since 2001, the annual tax returns of the Donald J. Trump Charitable Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the businessman-turned-politician's empire, show the organization donated only one clearly identifiable sum to a 9/11-related cause, The Smoking Gun said."--Adam Edelman, the Daily News

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