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DonorsTrust has become a mainstay for distributing funds from donor-advised funds by protecting the intent of donors to support conservative and libertarian principles.

"If you want to understand the core appeal of DonorsTrust — the top donor-advised fund for conservative and libertarian philanthropists — start with its name. It telegraphs that this is a place that will honor the intent of its clients, in terms of how their money is used. 

"'The selling point is first and foremost the match between our mission and their principles,' Lawson Bader, the president of DonorsTrust, told me in a recent conversation. The goal of the organization, Bader said, is to 'safeguard the intent of libertarian and conservative donors,' and to ensure that funds are used only to promote 'liberty through limited government, responsibility, and free enterprise.'"--David Callahan, Inside Philanthropy 

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