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In their op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on May 14 (subscription required), Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Sol Stern and Joel Klein, former chancellor of New York City schools, team up to state a “conservative” case for the Common Core State Standards.

They argue that the development and implementation of the Common Core, “is constitutional federalism at its best.”  

There are those of us with decidedly different views.  I introduced some of my concerns about the Common Core in an earlier essay, "The Death of Personality," here at Philanthropy Daily.  

My May 14 essay in The Freeman asks us to think more deeply about the meaning of federalism, which has been lost somewhere between the carrots and the sticks of the educational-industrial complex growing up in the District of Columbia around 400 Maryland Ave., SW .

Please see Common Core: A Tocquevillean Education or Cartel Federalism? in The Freeman Online.

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