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President Obama's pet philanthropy project, My Brother's Keeper, is taking heat from some liberals-- for sending donors a signal that excludes women.

"It’s not often that President Obama faces criticism from the liberal left regarding his Administration’s policy initiatives in matters involving race and disadvantage. Which is what makes so notable an opinion piece in the latest Chronicle of Philanthropy criticizing My Brother’s Keeper, the President’s program, announced this past February, 'to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by boys and young men of color.' That focus was a cause of concern for NoVo Foundation executive director Pamela Shifman and former Schott Foundation program manager Nakisha Lewis, who wrote that Brother’s Keeper inappropriately overlooks the 'dire straits' of many 'minority women and girls,' including 'epidemic levels of of domestic violence.' The article goes further in criticizing Brother’s Keeper for 'elevating a patriarchal conception of a “good” family—boys of color will grow up to be fathers and heads of households that are made up of nuclear families.'” -- Howard Husock, Forbes

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