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2020 has been a whirlwind for all of us. As this year winds down and we prepare for 2021, here’s a tool to help you structure your development efforts.

2020 has been a whirlwind. Wherever you look, individuals, families, organizations, businesses were all struggling to stay afloat.

Philanthropists scrambled to respond to new and unforeseen needs arising from the pandemic.

Nonprofits scrambled to respond to increased needs or decreased revenue or canceled programs and events.

Small businesses struggled to stay open. Churches shut their doors. Politicians argued and argued about whether and how to support the American people. Families wondered whether and how they could see each other during the holidays … and the list goes on.

Through all of this, Philanthropy Daily scrambled to provide the resources you needed to weather these stormy waters and succeed in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Our mission is to strengthen civil society by supporting the persons and organizations on the frontlines of fostering healthy, flourishing communities.

Philanthropy Daily exists because voluntary associations and the nonprofits that facilitate “associational life” are the building blocks of democracy and the guarantors of a strong civil society—and it is our mission to help those organizations thrive.

From our “Fundraising During Uncertain Times” webinar and article series to our “Readings for Troubled Times” series, we have been working to support fundraisers and all those working to strengthen civil society. If you are wondering how to improve your direct mail or create a strategic plan during a pandemic—or how to keep your soul free in these most anxious times—we have been working to provide valuable articles to help you think through the questions we all face in 2020.

More recently, our Givers, Doers, & Thinkers podcast has addressed topics from the end of liberalism to the importance of an improved “donor experience” for your organization’s supporters.

As we approach the end of the year and as the impacts of the Coronavirus press on, I wanted to offer a free checklist to help you prepare for difficult times and assess how prepared your organization is.

In July, Philanthropy Daily’s editor Jeremy Beer released a new e-book, Fundraising When Times Are Bad. You can order the e-book here, but in the meantime, you can use this checklist to help you assess your organization’s current planning and positioning and to begin preparing for next year. This short checklist will help you identify key priorities and focus your time well.

This checklist and the resources available at Philanthropy Daily are offered to help you and your organization thrive. If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to reach out to me by email at austin@americanphilanthropic.com.

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