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CO choice for governor: "Business-minded Republican" who's been posting six-figure losses, or incumbent who gives to charity but won't reveal where.

" The tax returns of the two major-party candidates for governor reveal a business-minded Republican who's been losing six-figure amounts in business the last few years, and a Democratic incumbent who gives heavily to charity but won't disclose which ones. Republican Bob Beauprez started Eagle's Wing Ranch in Jackson County in 2008, and the bison business has lost money in each year since.... 'It's what he believes in,' campaign spokesman Brad Komar said of [John] Hickenlooper's donations. 'He believes in charitable giving, and he's done that his whole life.' Hickenlooper, however, won't name the charities, because he doesn't want to embroil them in politics...." -- Joey Bunch, the Denver Post

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