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Ida and Casper Meyer once ran local hangout for Northland College students; they retired to FL but never forgot loyal customers, as surprise $200K bequest shows.

"Students at Northland College in the 1950s and 60s loved Cabbie’s, a local watering hole the likes of which only a town such as Ashland, Wis. — population 8,130 — can offer up. And while there was a threshold to their tolerance of youthful shenanigans, Cabbie’s founders, Ida and Casper 'Cabbie' Meyer, loved the students right back. Just how much was made clear this spring when Ida Meyer, who had long since retired to Florida, bequeathed $200,000 to Northland College in honor of those loyal student customers." -- Megan O'Neil, the Chronicle of Philanthropy

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