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Washington Post report on how billionaire Russians are turning to philanthropy, even doling advice out to Bill Gates.

"Interest in charitable giving is growing among the richest Russians, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from 15 of the country’s wealthiest billionaires and from annual reports issued by their companies and charitable foundations. Many of these Russians prospered on assets they bought in the post-Soviet era of the 1990s. Some are now seeking to throw off their reputations as profligate spenders more interested in yachts than philanthropy....” -- Alex Sazonov and Henry Meyer, the Washington Post

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  1. This is a great article in the WaPo, but it failed to mention one of Russia’s most charitable givers – Iskander Makhmudov. Mr. Makhmudov has given extensively to orphans and to veterans. His giving definitely has a patriotic feel to it. But this is a great trend to see in Russia and it’s nice to see the Washington Post featuring it.

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