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Desert festival Burning Man just went nonprofit, in its 28th year of existence; change has some worried, in spite of promises of increased financial transparency.

"Last week, the founders of Burning Man announced that after 3 years of planning and piles of paperwork, they successfully received 501(c)3 nonprofit status for their new umbrella entity Burning Man Project. As it says on the official Burning Blog, '…an LLC is not designed to meet the needs of our growing culture and it wouldn’t survive beyond the founders’ lifetime. Our mission has always been to serve the community, and a non-profit public benefit corporation is the most socially responsible option to ensure and protect the future of Burning Man.' While many burners including myself are praising this move as we wait to see how it translates into how the festival operates (allegedly it should have little impact), some vocal naysayers are still not satisfied with how the festival has handled its profits up till now." -- Wesley Thoricatha, Ignite.me

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