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CEO of CA hospital, one of state's highest-paid public officials, made donations to hospital foundation and later sought reimbursement for them.

"When charity calls, Washington Hospital CEO Nancy Farber has opened her checkbook, contributing to the hospital's own health care foundation, donating to service clubs and college funds, and helping to fund services for chemotherapy patients and a new brain and spine imaging system. Then Farber, one of the highest paid public officials in the state with more than $1 million in annual compensation, submitted many of her charitable expenses to her public hospital district for reimbursement, to the tune of more than $20,000 over the last three years. A district spokesman, noting that the reimbursements are allowed under Farber's contract, at first dismissed questions from this newspaper about the hospital's practices as 'trite.' But last week, the district shifted its stance, saying that Farber is refunding the hospital for some of those donations." -- Ashly McGlone, via the San Jose Mercury-News

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