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Philanthropy Roundtable's new site, GreatPhilanthropists.org, showcases 54 of America's greatest givers, from the great to the obscure.

"The Philanthropy Roundtable, a 25-year-old network of charitable donors that promotes innovative and effective giving, takes up that question in a remarkable and inspiring new project: The Philanthropy Hall of Fame. The online gallery, at GreatPhilanthropists.org, recounts the achievements of 54 American men and women who 'changed the nation and the world through their charitable giving.' The philanthropists are profiled in absorbing biographical sketches that give a sense of their character and upbringing, and describe the 'tactics and results of their philanthropy.' Excerpts of the profiles were also published in a recent issue of Philanthropy, the Roundtable’s quarterly magazine." -- Jeff Jacoby, the Boston Globe

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