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The fad of the summer: Don't be so cynical, says columnist, the ice-bucket challenge on behalf of ALS has raised both awareness and $4 million.

"This August, it’s been as inevitable as a sun burn. Yet as with every great instant movement these days, the backlash is here like a late day summer thunderstorm. You’ve probably heard the criticism. It’s a stunt, mere “slactivism.” It’s a substitute for real long-term involvement and engagement. It’s all about showing off for social media. It won’t change a thing, or cure ALS or ease the suffering of those with the disease. Which is true, I guess, to some degree. But beyond the celebrity posing (Bill Gates! Jimmy Fallon! Ethel Kennedy! Mr. Met! Entire sports teams!), I’d urge a look at the general age of those engaging in the challenge – which demands either a bucket of ice over the head (or on the torso, depending on style points) or a $100 donation to the ALS Association. And I’d also suggest a gander at the timeline of this thing." -- Tom Watson, Forbes.com

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