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Case of Dallas philanthropist Marguerite Hoffman and her once-anonymous Rothko sale gives rest of us a glimpse through "window into high-priced art [and] philanthropy".

"A federal court case involving tens of millions of dollars that has grabbed the attention of national media, local high society and the international art world could be decided in Dallas as early as Tuesday. The trial pits renowned local philanthropist Marguerite Hoffman against international financier David Martinez and a pair of New York-based co-defendants with lofty credentials in the art world. A 10-person jury in U.S. District Court is expected to begin deliberations once testimony ends. The case in Judge Sidney Fitzwater’s courtroom involves the sale of an artwork by Mark Rothko, a transaction that Hoffman says she always intended to keep confidential. She sold the painting in 2007 for a net $17.6 million, and three years later, through Sotheby’s, Martinez sold it at auction for $31.4 million." -- Michael Granberry, the Dallas Morning News

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