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Eccentric billionaire (is there any other kind?) from China invites 1,000 poor Americans to dinner in Central Park, where he also will give them $300 and a serenade.

"An eccentric Chinese billionaire has invited 1,000 poor Americans to have dinner with him in Central Park, New York. Chen Guangbiao took out a full page advert in the New York Times and a half page advert in the Wall Street Journal inviting less wealthy Americans to the Boat House restaurant where they would also receive $300 (£170). In the advert, Chen said he was teaming up with a 'famous American charity' to host the lunch for '1,000 poor and destitute Americans'. The lunch will take place on 25 June and during the event, Chen will sing the 1985 charity single, 'We Are The World.'" -- Hannah Osborne, the International Business Times

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