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Philanthropist John Kluge Jr. started Toilet Hackers with an ambitious plan: Improve sanitation for the nearly 3 billion without toilet facilities.

"As slogans go, 'a toilet in every home' might not have the same allure of 'a chicken in every pot,' but John Kluge Jr. is not hunting for style points. In 2008, the adopted son of the late billionaire television magnate John Werner Kluge was traveling in the Central African Republic, contemplating becoming a journalist, when fate saved him from an awful career choice. Kluge was struck by the total absence of bathroom facilities in the village he was visiting as well as a nearby camp for refugees from Darfur in neighboring Sudan. 'People were very sick,' Kluge recalls, due to the lack of sanitation. The experience helped push him, he says, 'from being less of an observer and more someone who rolled up his sleeves and got his hands dirty.'" -- Steve Goldstein, Inside Philanthropy

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