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Napster founder Sean Parker has plans to "disrupt philanthropy": He calls Giving Pledge "not aggressive enough," and funds up foundation then depletes with large gifts.

"Instead, he spelled out how he wants to be a different kind of philanthropist, a role model for his generation’s budding cohort of wealthy entrepreneurs turned givers. Parker criticized many of his peers for ditching the aggressive, disruptive mind-set once they get involved in the philanthropic world. Too many entrepreneurs make safe philanthropic donations because they fear failing, Parker said.... He intends to pursue philanthropy in the same way that a venture capitalist would. He will make concentrated, big bets on ideas and people that have the potential to be game changers, not initiatives that deliver merely incremental progress. He will insist on detailed metrics to see whether his investments are working. If he fails, he will not be shy about saying so, he promised, and move onto the next problem." -- Joe Garofoli, the San Francisco Chronicle

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