strategic plan planning update review
Strategy during COVID: no time like the present to review, update your plan

Having a strategic plan sets a nonprofit apart from its peers. Now is the time to carefully review your strategic plan and make necessary adjustments in light of the current crisis.

higher education philanthropy major gifts
A (second) wake up call for higher education philanthropy

The coronavirus pandemic puts many colleges and universities at great risk of decreasing fundraising revenue. Unfortunately, poor planning has made them this vulnerable.

GDP charitable giving
How much will charitable giving decline? A new survey provides us with a starting point

The sudden economic downturn has everyone wondering how the nonprofit sector will be affected. Historical trends can help us predict how your charitable revenue may be affected.

Foundations and grants

We are joined this week by Rudy Carrasco, a program director with the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, to help us think through applying to foundations in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

foundation representatives funding
Foundations respond to current need

I spoke to foundation leaders about how they are responding to the coronavirus situation and how that affects grantees. Here’s what they told me.

extreme times pandemic precedent
Pandemic precedent: when pandemic ends, what do we keep?

Emergency times call for emergency measures—but not precedent. However, emergency times may help us to see more clearly, including helping foundations improve their giving.

seattle flu study covid-19
Swabless in Seattle

One thing we can learn from the coronavirus crisis is the importance of local initiative to manage even major problems. Centralization leads to “fragility” which does not respond well to disruption, whereas smaller, decentralized initiatives tend to be “antifragile”—more nimble in the case of volatility.

In-person Events

Janine Ryan and Justin Streiff discuss canceling and rescheduling events, as well as how to take events virtual and retain lost revenue from fundraising events.

virtual events fundraising
Virtual events during COVID: reimagining canceled events

Don’t despair over canceled events and extended quarantine procedures. Instead, be creative and see how you can go virtual to engage your audience.

fundraising events canceled
How to recover revenue from canceled fundraising events

You’ve likely had to cancel a fundraising event (or many) as a result of COVID-19. You can’t simply lose that revenue, but how can you regain event-based revenue?