On giving thanks

Remembering Lucy, who chose to serve others on Thanksgiving day, even when she had so little to give.

bankman-fried effective altruism
Sam Bankman-Fried’s downfall is more than a black eye for Effective Altruism

SBF’s close affiliation with William MacAskill and the Effective Altruism movement cast a dark shadow over the legitimacy of Effective Altruism and its leaders.

Elon Musk, “philanthropist”

The strangeness of Elon Musk’s statement explaining his Twitter purchase exposes the strangeness of billionaire “philanthropy.”

coloradans tax incentive
Coloradans to vote on deduction limits that would undermine charitable giving

As Coloradans head to the polls, they face a ballot measure that would cap itemized deductions. This would harm state charities by decreasing giving.

How real estate gifts can benefit your donor and your charity

It is important for fundraisers to understand the value of asset-based gifts. Not only are they good for your organization, but they are good for your donors, too, often creating a win-win situation.

billionaire philanthropy
Billionaire philanthropy and the corrupting influence of money

What motivates the “philanthropy” of billionaires?

Forbes 400
Forbes ranks the wealthiest Americans’ charitable giving

As it turns out, the wealthiest Americans are not doling out their fortunes in vast percentages.

rage giver
Rage givers: what they are and what to do

A new phenomenon of “rage giving” has emerged in recent years. You’ll want to be ready in case your nonprofit is next.

third places
Investing in third places

Third places are necessary for our individual and civic health. If we want to rebuild our social fabric, that should guide our giving habits.